Getting started

This is a public server intended only for the provisioning of Polycom IP phones at the direction of Poly support. This service is not intended to serve as the primary provisioning service in a customer environment. If you use this service, please ensure you remove the provisioning configuration promptly from your phone at the completion of the process.

By using this service to upgrade or downgrade your phone you are accepting our End User License Agreement.

Issues around Error application not present or Error Application not Found please check here.

To provision your Poly IP phone:

  1. From the embedded UI of the phone, press Menu > Settings > Advanced (default password: 456) > Administration Settings > Network Configuration > Server Menu
  2. Navigate to the DHCP Menu and set Boot Server to Static, and BootSrv Type to IP Address
    • On UCS 3.x Phones: Main Menu > Settings > Advanced > Admin Settings > Network Configuration > DHCP Menu
    • On UCS 4.x or later Phones: Main Menu > Settings > Advanced > Admin Settings > Network Configuration > Provisioning Server > DHCP Menu
  3. From the Provisioning Server menu set Server Type to HTTP, and Server Address to (see packages available below)

Please make sure the software version you are trying to load is compatible with your model phone by first checking the release matrix:

Important notice: Using this server to provision your phone may erase all preferences and restore all settings to their factory default values.


There are 57 packages available: